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The City that Never Goes to Sleep – NYC

You’ve caught a little rest (always a good idea) after a whirlwind day and you’re ready to find some of that legendary excitement of NYC’s night scene. Perhaps the kids are in tow, perhaps it’s the adults out on an evening of their own.
As a basic, your hotel, if you’re visiting, will likely have information that will help you map out an ideal plan. Are you in the mood for an ultra-modern setting or feeling like a taste of old New York? Maybe both.
Do a bit of specific brainstorming. In the mood for sushi; a beer, wine or tequila tasting; comedy? How about an eco-fundraising special event of poetry and prose? With the wide-open menu of New York, you can piece together any picture you like.
Though staying open to some spontaneous adventure in your plan, remember that to maximize the time, you’re looking at an itinerary of; dinner, the main event and maybe the right spot for some afterglow.
Some of the fabulous museums will have later hours on the weekends and often restaurants, movie theaters, shops and malls are nearby. Consider going to a spa. Many are open into the evening and a nighttime indulgence of pampering makes for an exotic experience.
As often pointed out, with millions of people in one place, you get more of everything. Some fundamental points will go a long way in keeping you safe.
-The “bad guys” have a well-honed radar for tourists and even tourist cars.
-If you’re a visitor, don’t advertise it with your actions. Don’t flaunt cash or… anything.
-Don’t stop for panhandlers or sob stories, kind person that you are; it’s not a good idea. No eye contact, keep walking.
-Don’t leave anything valuable or “touristy” in your car. If you have to, put it in the trunk. Leave your glove compartment open and empty looking as possible.
-Minimum cash and your card, front pocket not back.
-911 for emergencies – 311 to report to police with no immediate emergency.
Don’t be afraid – be informed.
New York City. “The Rome of our times.”
Go ahead. Take a bite!

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