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New York City – The City of Entertainment

New York City is one of those few places that offer entertainment for people of different tastes. This includes people who live here as well as tourists. New York City is indeed the city which never sleeps, and many of the entertainment options goes into the wee hours of the morning. There is a false perception that the only group of people who will find something to do here are the young party goers. This is simply not true. The options include theater and dance, music concerts, and art.

All these attractions can be further divided into different categories. Theater has enjoyed a long tradition in New York City and it can be summed up with two words “Broad Way.” It is located in Manhattan in an area known simply as the theater district and there are nearly 35 active theaters. At any given time there will be at least five or six world class productions being staged. To get tickets for the famous and popular shows you will need to book in advance. Some of the dance companies of New York City are very well known throughout the world. Not only are there famous dance companies, but there are also well known dance schools which you can enroll in.

Music concerts and New York City go together like bread and cheese. Anyone who is anyone in the music industry has performed here. This includes all types of music you can think of. Whether it is jazz, hip-hop, rock and roll, country and classical music, New York City has it all. There are also numerous Jazz clubs which you can be a part of. IF you are feeling less inhibited then you may want to visit a karaoke bar and show of your singing talents. If painting is your thing then there are countless museums in this city. The top ones are Metropolitan Museum of Art, MOMA and Guggenheim.Take a look here to learn more: Audio Expo North America Joins CE Week: AXPONA New York City Sponsored by Stereophile, Home Theater and Customer Retailer Magazine

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