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New York – a World of Entertainment in Itself

A visitor to New York City may be well aware of entertainment available here like Broadway shows, world class opera and ballet companies, nightclubs and more. The city’s history as a home to immigrants making their way in the new world has left neighborhoods rich in the cultures of the home lands. A bit of exploring during a visit to New York City can help a traveler feel that they have seen the world.

Lower Manhattan has long been famous for Little Italy and Chinatown and their delicious restaurants. Asia and Europe are easily traversed by foot with these two neighborhoods which boast ethnic festivals and entertainment throughout the year. If a taste a Greece is desired a trip to Astoria in Queens will prove very satisfying. Greek food, music and dancing are readily available as is The Museum of the Moving Image. Elsewhere in Queens is Jackson Heights which boasts a large population from Columbia. Be sure to try the Arepas and then check out some Mambo dancing.

Some other famous ethnic neighborhoods in New York a traveler should experience include Flatbush, Brooklyn or Jamaica, Queens for their West Indian influences, Brighton Beach, Brooklyn and its Russian population , Williamsburg, Brooklyn for Israeli and Chassidic Jews or Woodlawn in the Bronx and it’s Irish influences. There are many others which can allow a visitor in New York to immerse themselves in food, entertainment and culture for anywhere in the world.

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