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Manhattan bars for all occasions

In Manhattan, there’s no danger of ever running out of new watering holes. Whether you’re looking for a rocking night out or a serene evening with your date, here’s our recommendations for where to hang your hat.

  • Pastis Bar: This French restaurant is great for either a relaxing night out or a quick stop in on your way to the night’s entertainment. The signature drink pastis is actually an aperitif from south France, and the bar features several varieties, along with cocktails and wines.
  • Megu: The dcor is the main draw for this bar. The cross-legged Buddha figure that sits in the heart of the restaurant under a gigantic bell-shaped lamp will initially draw eyes, but everything in the restaurant conveys uniqueness. There is a price for this experienceand you’ll probably need a reservation, too.
  • Alphabet Lounge: The Alphabet Lounge has been renovated since 2006 after gaining a trio of new owners. This bar represents the local talent of the city, featuring local art work and bands. The bar hasn’t forgotten its location’s history, either, and includes a mural by a Brooklyn artist celebrating the East Village’s contributions to rock.
  • The Bourgeouis Pig: While this bar is worth a visit for its name alone, the wine selection is nothing to scoff at, either. The Pig also features fine beers and an appetizer, fondue, and dessert menu based off the superstars of French cuisine.
  • East Village Tavern: Sometimes, simple is best. This aptly-named locale opened in 2008 to celebrate America’s fascination with beer. 16 rotating taps and cask ale served at 55 degrees cement its reputation as a bar to watch in the area.

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