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Why is Texas Different?

Texas is one of largest energy users in the nation, and has some of the largest energy companies such as Electricity Texas – Just Energy. . It’s important to understand how energy is used in this state in order to determine how Texas energy consumption impacts the economy and investments. Oil is one of the major contributors to the economy. Because of the amount of energy consumption, there is a great initiative to make homes more energy efficient.

How Texas Leaders Will Address the Issue

Texas leaders recognize that as the demand for energy grows, they will have to find innovative ways to manage energy consumption. This plan includes measures to increase water and energy efficiency upgrades. The new conservation efforts could mean greater savings for the community.

Supporters acknowledge that there is a growing problem in Texas, and they are making great strides to become a model for other states in the nation. Unfortunately, they’re a long way from meeting this mark. Currently, they are adopting an approach known as the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program. The initial investment is huge and may take years to recoup, but the effort may be well worth it. These types of programs are well supported by legislature.

PACE allows commercial and industrial property owners the ability to use a property tax lien to finance energy efficiency upgrades. The payments are forwarded to a private lender and are paid through a lien. When this program is running smoothly, property owners will pay less than what they would typically pay on their energy bills. New owners will inherit the debt if a property is sold. This rule reduces the risk of investments.

PACE is designed to ignite investments and reduce business expenses without subsidies or designating winners or losers. In addition to Texas, there are 30 other states that have adopted financing plans. Most of the plans have fallen short of expectations because most homeowners were fearful that PACE liens would overshadow mortgages if they defaulted.

Texas values local power, but it recognizes that it must make some changes to conserve the local energy sources that are available. All programs designed to conserve energy will be unveiled within the coming months. The program may support home upgrades as well.

What Makes Texas Different?

In short, the state uses half of the energy produced in the United States due to the industry and comprises nearly 20 percent of all industrial consumption in the United States. With new programs, Texas could become a leader in energy efficiency, and ‘going green’ could be simply a way of life instead of just a growing trend.

NYC – The City that Never Sleeps

New York City is often called the city that never sleeps, but in truth the label can be applied to most large cities in the 21st century. While New York has always been known for being open 24 hours a day, residents and visitors can now watch a movie, order food or do some shopping at any time of the day or night in most major urban centers.

However, New York is still one of the Read more…

Every Aspect of New York City’s Nightlife

The city never sleeps.

The saying is old, but true.

Whether it is 7pm or 3am, you can always find something to do in New York City.

New York City has something for everyone. Those not into the club and bar scene can grab a snack or an espresso at any one of the hundreds of small cafes that line the streets. In warmer weather, you can enjoy your treat at an outside table. Many restaurants often offer full dinner service Read more…

New York Has Something to Offer Everyone After Dark

New York City is known as the “city that never sleeps” for good reasons. NYC has an amazing nightlife scene that has something to offer for everyone. The most family friendly attractions include watching great plays in New York’s world famous Broadway theater district. With dozens of theaters to choose from, families can enjoy various genres such as musicals and dramas. It never gets dark in Times Square, as the array of huge digital billboards and neon Read more…

New York City is Awake at Night

I walk around and step in puddles; I walk around in daylight at midnight. The sound of jazz keeps beat together with my heart, while a street musician weeps about some gal. The noise of people, the quiet loudness of some unknown tongues while a child plays the role of student, and in the village gets into some bar. The smell of food around whatever corner, the buildings pressing down upon my skull … a dirty water hot dog please, with everything, I missed the sauerkraut. Inside the park, there is a zoo, outside the zoo the hungry artists Read more…

New York – You are a Wonderful Town

Some people love it; other people would rather be anyplace else. Regardless of your view, you have to admit: New York is a wonderful town. The reason why some people don’t like to be there is the reason why others love it: there is always action going on in the city. There is always something to do; something to see. It doesn’t matter if it’s two in the afternoon or two in the morning, you can find something great to do. And if you think that the city Read more…

The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island

The Bronx zoo remains open despite the disappearance of its King Cobra snake. The snake was discovered missing on Friday, March 25,2011. They say that the residents of Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island should not be alarmed as they feel the snake is still in the zoo’s reptile house. The zoo’s snake is 20 inches long and pencil thin weighing less than 3 ounces. The snake was in the holding area of the zoo and the keepers feel that she will stay in that area. The keepers have no choice Read more…

New York – a World of Entertainment in Itself

A visitor to New York City may be well aware of entertainment available here like Broadway shows, world class opera and ballet companies, nightclubs and more. The city’s history as a home to immigrants making their way in the new world has left neighborhoods rich in the cultures of the home lands. A bit of exploring during a visit to New York City can help a traveler feel that they have seen the world.

Lower Manhattan has long been famous for Little Italy and Chinatown and their delicious restaurants. Asia and Europe are easily traversed by Read more…

Home Security Is Important To Everyone

Many people believe that as long as they are awake, no one could possible enter our homes unnoticed. That’s why home security should be very important to everyone, especially as concerns about safety increase. That means that most of us are always thinking about ways to make our homes safer. We all know that locking our doors when we are not at home or when asleep, but there are other measures that we should take to make sure that we are safe even when we are awake. For instance, many people believe that as long as they are awake, no one could possible enter our homes unnoticed.

That is just not the case anymore with all the things that take our attention away from security. Locking the doors is always a good thing to do, even when we are going to be right there in the same room. That will prevent intrusion from those who might want to test our resolve to be safe.

Having emergency telephone numbers handy is another valuable method of making certain that help will be on its way quickly if the need should arise. Those emergency numbers should include friends and neighbors who can be there in a flash as well as ambulance and law enforcement numbers to call when needed. Staying safe means planning ahead.

The Knitting Factory club has tangled history

Despite its name, the Knitting Factory isn’t another historic textile factory in the heart of New York City. However, the Factory is legendary in its own rightas a club that brought the boho back to New York. Entrepreneurs Michael Dorf and Bob Appel, transplants from Milwaukee, opened the building’s doors in Manhattan back in 1987 as an art gallery and performance space. Dorf admits that his initial reason for starting the club was to make enough money for a record label, Flaming Pie Records, which was hosting Appel’s band Swamp Thing.Experimental musicians like Sonic Youth, Yo La Tengo, Bill Frisell, and Cecil Taylor found a home at the club, after their sound made them hard sells at other jazz or rock venues. Even CBGB passed on several artists who would later make it big. The Knitting Factory took in these refugees and assured itself a place in history, while still keeping an eye toward the future. Read more…